Wednesday, 19 September 2012

He bites a bread by earning hard every bit of it:

523531_182499905218238_1531242259_n[1]Toiling so hard the whole day, rather till late in the night, he works indefatigably to earn some livelihood for himself and his family. A rugged body, wrinkled face, white hair fluttering upward, wearing a spec with heavy glasses indicative of a blurred vision and tough bones bulging outside the body, he is a live picture of hardships.  He labours so hard unlike those who don’t work at all but are lucky enough to lead a comfortable life with plenty of luxuries at their command. In fact they are the ones who only enjoy the fruits of the so hard a labour this man, or others like him, put in by undergoing so much of pain and fatigue not affordable by every one. There is no dearth of people in our country, who enjoy their meals just in haraam without themselves doing any work. Our humble salutes to this man, or men like him. 

The photograph above is by courtesy to Vedbrat Gupta, a friend of mine on the facebook, whose work I have used while writing this post.

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