Wednesday, 5 September 2012

My Russian readership:

I don’t know who they are individually, but the readers of this blog from Russia have been very valued a lot to me as they so frequently top the list of my viewers even in comparison to India. Such a list, as per Google Analytics, runs in a cyclic order like some times it is India on the top followed by Russia and America, then Russia followed by India and America, and yet then at times America followed by India and Russia, of course with several other countries, but most often it has been Russia with highest readership. Some time back I felt some what disappointed to notice that my geographical location of Russian readership almost showed blank on the map, and this position continued for nearly two weeks plus. I wish I had personally known them to know from them if there was some thing I wrote otherwise which detracted them from showing their usual interest in my blog. And then just the other day, I was amazed to see them back on the map and statistics in the same measure they did it earlier. I extend to them my sincere regards through this post of mine, of course also to my valued readers in different other countries. How quixotic it sounds to be that I love the people I don’t know personally, be it Russia, America, United Kingdom, Brazil, China, Germany or any other country on the world map. Blogging is such a mystical phenomenon after all where people so closely inter-act without personally knowing each other.

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