Sunday, 9 September 2012

Fuel prices on the rise like incessant rain strokes!

One can understand some increase some where in prices with necessary gap time wise, but the way it occurs every now and then in India is unbearably intolerable at the level of consumers. It is like rains in monsoon season, not the first monsoon shower which is pleasant but the one that is incessant and boring occurring for days together as strokes one after the other knowing no stop. Fuel prices rising once in a blue moon, like it used to happen earlier, can be termed as something unavoidable due to global situations changing and as a matter of an exception, but exceptions generalised are no exception at all, they are rather deliberate. The man in silence occupying the top chair in the country as the Prime Minister is enjoying his status as a mute spectator. Well known as an economics pundit with a doctorate on the subject to his credit, he only flopped on the economy front in the country. I don’t think there was ever a position this much worst in India in the past. In the political history of the country, it is difficult to trace any example of such a weak Prime Minister, limping and speechless. It is not the question of fuel prices alone, on every front the present government at the centre under his leadership is on the brink of a collapse, and if such a position still continues further, it is no surprise if the people in general go for a revolt.

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