Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Large scale pollution all around!

You visit a  market, some other public place or go any where else, one thing that you get every where without fail is pollution. In India it is a common feature, with a few exceptions here and there, every where. In a city like Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh, India), the situation is just worse. Pigs moving in herds in different streets is a common feature and if you venture to dispute such a movement, it takes no time for their owners to take cudgels collectively against the people who do so. Crude dust and filth flies in the air like a spray, and howsoever best you do to cover up your face as a protection, it hardly works. There is labour engaged by the respective health divisions of different organisation to clear the garbage, but nothing is done in practical terms. Besides this, there is another menace called noise pollution. Forget surroundings of your home where there are bursing explosives used even if it is nothing like a festive occasion, say like Diwali. During such a festive occasion, the situation gets further worse. A nuisance of this type causes great problems for the children who attend to their home work at home as they just are unable to do it on the face of bursting noise. Even if you go to some local park to escape from such a nuisance, there too you find herds of boys indulging into cracking of the explosives which are so loud that it looks like they are piercing your ear drums. If you run away from the park too like you did by leaving your house, you just can’t find an alternative to this. A friend of mine was telling me that when he is fed up with such a nuisance, he opts for going to some picture hall to have at least three hours of away from noise pollution, but then what after that. Pollution of all kinds is the order of the day, and there seems no sign of any relief against this even in days to come, like the problems on all counts in our country. Like corruption and soaring prices, the noise pollution too is one of the many evils which our country suffers from.

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