Tuesday, 11 September 2012

New magnetic therapy to give relief to the patients of depresseion!

This one is a golden news for the people who are the victims of severe depression that the new magnetic therapy has since been made available for such a horrifying disease. This magnetic stimulation therapy is called rTMS. As per news brought out by the media, this therapy started being practiced in Mumbai around two years back but now it is gaining momentum. One Sonawalia running her clinic at  Trans Mag Well-being Clinic on Peddar Road, Mumbai, has successfully treated around 65 patients with good to excellent results. The exact modus operandi relating to this therapy is not yet available but the reports are that it is gaining a bigger prospect  and there is already a large number of people getting themselves registered for their treatment at Well-Being Clinic at Mumbai. The facility is likely to be extended to different other centres in the country in days to come. Many a chronic cases of depression where patients were not able to respond to Allopathic treatment and other alternative remedies, have got fully cured at the said clinic. It can well be expected that this therapy shall prove of a bigger mode of relief to the people soon. Let us hope for the best.

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