Thursday, 27 September 2012

Market incentives for higher eduction in India:

Reportedly, the 12th Five Year Plan has okayed that the market be permitted to provide higher education earning necessary profit on it. This is obviously with a view to providing the required incentive for a competitive education at the higher level. There appears to be nothing like any big difference between what is proposed to be done and what is already obtaining in full swing in education market resulting into a large scale mushrooming of private schools, colleges and universities, more so during the last one decade. No doubt that there is a cut throat competition, but the private educational institutions are quite able to manoeuvre their sumptuous profit margin at every level callously unmindful of the price factor it costs to the parents of boys and girls pursuing their studies. There is none to highlight the voice of the guardians for every now and then increase in fee and other charges at an exorbitant rate. In fact, what is proposed in the 12th Five Year Plan is only to result into boosting up the avenues for a much bigger a profit margin to the so called education providers, and it has hardly to do any thing with the interest of education seekers at both the lower and higher levels. It hardly makes any difference for those who are having enough of black money, which is not  scarce in our country,  with them to procure necessary education for their wards, but the sufferers are those who have only a fixed income to support their boys and girls. Factually speaking, the real need is to extend some positive measures through which the parents are able to derive some relief instead of the government creating bigger channels to make the rich people more rich flourishing by leaps and bounds.

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