Saturday, 15 September 2012

A shameless move yet once again!

Only the other day I talked about rise in fuel prices. As if this was not enough, another big blow has come up in the shape of increase by Rs.5/ a litre in diesel followed by reduction to 6 subsidised cooking gas cylinder per family. No question of any reason or rhyme, every thing is done shamelessly without giving any heed to the worst affected consumers cries. It is something now beyond any comprehension as to why the central government of India is hell bent upon increase after increase in fuel prices. They are doing all this so arrogantly with a stubborn mind to give the public hits after hits totally unmindful of the fact that such moves are not only making the life of the people in general, particularly the middle class and the poor, abnormally miserable, it is demoralising them too. May be the collision government of UPA at the Centre see their winning prospects in the next elections as bleak, and such a weak point of theirs gives them courage to play in any manner they like, as if they have fully reconciled to whatever eventuality that may occur as a consequence of all these doings –a major defeat in the coming elections. They are virtually shameless and ungrateful too to the electorate who gave them the opportunity to rule.

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