Thursday, 13 September 2012

Brand items versus the ones available in the local markets:

It’s a typical phenomenon that the very branded items, although being costlier, are more popular a choice for consumers compared to demand for the items of goods in the local market. What is the reason? One is obviously the quality followed by a better after sale service. The difference of the cost between the two is at times very high. As I have seen very often in Mumbai, a briefcase, I mean a branded one, is available in the road side show room against the price tag of Rs.2500/, the same can be purchased from the vendor just sitting in the front of the show room for as cheap a price as Rs.1000/ with only a difference of the look –the one kept in air conditioned show room glitteringly shines much better than the one available through the vendor or other smaller shops locally. What looks to be very surprising is that despite this much gap between the two types of price tags, demand for costly brands is bigger. The possible reason behind this is that with developmental growth in the country, there is no dearth of the people who have grown much bigger wealth wise. Then there is no dearth of black money too, it is there in graver proportions but is available in abundance. This is the real cause why costlier items of goods are given more preference by the people compared to the items with smaller price tag. It is the black money that contributes much making rich people more rich, and the poorer ones further remaining still poor.

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