Monday, 3 September 2012

Maruti Suzuki suffers a set back!

Maruti Suzuki, known till the other day as the biggest car producer in the country, has resumed functioning, but it has not yet come out of the set back it suffered due to strike by its employees  followed by the lockout the company declared as covered in one of my posts in another blog titled as Lockout in Maruti Suzuki. It appears the company will have to strive further hard to recover its old record. The company’s production level, as per news appearing in the press. is currently for the month of August 54,154 units as compared to what it was a year back at 91,442 units. It amounts to a colossal loss to the company. The company already has tough competition to face with other car producers in the country and this set back has dragged it much backward. The company hardly had such a situation to face, excepting slightly of course, when Tatas introduced their Nana to the market, as mentioned by me in an earlier post in this very blog titled as Nano comes in, Maruti800 goes out. May be it takes a little more time, but the company with its talented human mechanism at their command is likely to recover soon by taking the concerned workmen unions into confidence.

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