Thursday, 23 May 2013

Beware! Bloggers too may land in trouble:

An Indian University lecturer who was on his visit to Dubai on business visa was arrested by police there allegedly for the reasons that he wrote blog posts against a Dubai based University. As per reports, he had certain issues to settle with the University and at a stage the matter was referred to the court which gave its judgement in his favour. He, however, continued writing his blog posts against the University even after there was court’s decision in his favour. It’s still quite vague as to what were specific charges against him for which he was arrested by the police and kept him in their custody for nearly 2 weeks time before he was granted bail. He might have expressed his grievances against the University in any manner specific or otherwise, but what was wrong there and what were the laws of the land he defied? Does it mean that there too there is nothing like freedom of speech or expression of one’s views on some subject or the other? Apparently as it appears, the lecturer concerned is the victim of some other prejudice on the police agenda; if not, it is too much of a witch hunting against him.
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