Saturday, 4 May 2013

What’s wrong in calling a spade a spade?

There are some people who feel offended when the Indian Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, is called the weakest Prime Minister India might have had ever. There was a big furore, particularly in the circles of the Congress Party, when L.K. Advani called him the weakest Prime Minister of India in 2009. Let people in general be the judge who almost in one voice would agree to this. L.K. Advani asserts that he said nothing wrong. What he still says is like this:

“I cannot forget that when in 2009, I had described Dr. Singh as the weakest Prime Minister the country has had, some of my own colleagues felt that I was being too severe. But I still hold that it is this attribute of his weakness that makes him so subservient to 10, Janpath, and thus unable to avail of the authority innate in this office of Prime Ministership”.

In fact what L.K. Advani said is the voice of the whole public in the country. It is general governance, corruption, security, soaring prices, dealing with countries like Pakistan and China, or any thing that primarily concerns India, on all counts he has been a flop. It is only political acrobatics played tactfully that makes him survive. What the country as a whole needs is that he should quit gracefully himself before he is thrown out by the democratic forces.

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