Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Exploiting black money:

Black money is in abundance in the country and the business community knows it well how to exploit it so sumptuously, and they are doing so at its extreme. The more there are soaring prices the more grow the avenues for the business magnates to cash it. Most peculiar a phenomenon as it is, soaring prices are never any handicap in the purchasing capacity of the buyers. In normal course what is supposed to happen is that the rush of buyers should get dwindled based on the crowd of the buyers, but what happens in actual practice is just the different. More the price escalation, more is the demand for almost all the commodities. There are surveys and there are researches and they all reveal the fact that soaring prices in the present day world consumer market do not hamper the scope of the sales the least even howsoever big be the price rise. Black money, or say the unaccounted for money, is a curse, say the great economists, so far as the real developing economy is concerned, but for the business community it is certainly a boon in disguise.
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