Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Iron lady Margaret Thatcher is no more!

Known for her strong will power and convictions, the iron lady as she was called, Margaret Thatcher, the ex Prime Minister of England, died of a stroke. She was 87 years old and is survived by her two children Mark and Carol and her grand children. She was a great toughie in the matters of her tasks. She was the one admired most for her contributions during her 11 years tenure as the Prime Minister of her country. Historically she was the first woman Prime Minister of England which record is yet to be broken. She had her great admirers all around within her country and abroad but she had her staunch critics too who called her as a ‘heartless tyrant’. It happens so often that the strong willed people with well meant commitments are misunderstood as a tyrant or as a dictator, or they are called as such for political reasons.. She was one such personality. All of us from India wish peace to the departed soul, a noble one as she was.

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