Friday, 5 April 2013

Customer service in banks:

Different banks in the country including State Bank of India have undergone massive changes in their methodology of work to ensure that the valued customers are in no way inconvenienced. Needless to say that to fulfil such a task the workforce in almost all banks has to work much beyond their stipulated working hours arduously and indefatigably. There are still, as an exception of course, when the faults occur on the part of the managers and the junior staff. Some time back a customer, doctor by profession, presented a cheque and it was not honoured with the remark that it was mismatched and the relative signature of the account holder didn’t tally with the one on record. On enquiry it was found that the relative cheque was quite in order. The matter was referred to the Maharashtra State Consumers Disputes Redressal Commission who ordered the respective bank to pay seven lakhs of rupees to the customer for the damages he might have suffered because of the cheque having been wrongfully dishonoured.

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