Saturday, 30 March 2013

Sanjai Dutt not seeking any pardon!

No pardoning Sanjai Dutt as he himself is not seeking it. Emotionally frustrated, he broke down while talking to the media persons the other day. The way things are moving, it appears there is a sort of witch hunting  against him as enumerated in another blog post a few days back through the link If Sanjai Dutt still has any scope to escape the punishment. He is a celebrity in the sense that he is one of the top most actors in the Bollywood with enough of social work to his credit. It is not that he is much above any common man in the eyes of the Law in the country as there are several instances in the past that the criminal cases did become a subject of a review. There have been reviews in similar such cases including even those of the nature of murder, and what is wrong if the same measures are extended to  Sanjai Dutt treating him equally as a common man in the democracy of India. Some of my friends expressed that he should not be the one above Law of the country. Where is the question of treating him above the Law? If he is pardoned, it is very much on the lines of what has already been done in the past in numerous cases. He deserves a reconsideration, a review, by all means.

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