Monday, 18 March 2013

Who says soaring prices don’t go down?

They do too. The graph of soaring prices in the country is upward only in a measure not knowing any stop any where. It forms a joke to hear that petrol rate has gone down by Rs.2/- a litre, more or less as a case of an exception. Our government is more concerned with the interest of the companies supplying the fuel and for that reason they have increased the selling rate of diesel and this is some thing to go as a regular schedule unless the price reaches an increase of Rs.8/- a litre. The petrol price reduction is, for the time being of course, a handy tool for the governmental machinery and the political leaders belonging to the ruling UPA to boast of prices going down. They have a Montek Singh Ahluwalia always readily available to confirm that prices do go down quoting the reduction in petrol rate, and the developmental growth is much higher. You ask the men like this and you get a comfortable answer as from their side affirming down fall in the prices. It is just different a matter when you address your question to the consumers in general who really suffer in practical terms the onslaught of the soaring prices. It depends on you as to who you are talking, one belonging to ruling UPA channels, or the one who is from the public, the people in general. If you need a comfortable answer to the problem, better you address your question to UPA representatives; if you want the real answer, better it is for you to talk to the persons in the crowds. Option is yours.

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