Wednesday, 20 March 2013

What a gimmic?

Karunanidhi, till a day earlier an active part of UPA, has since withdrawn his party’s support to it. What for? Obviously for the reason that his own agenda was not given an accommodation quite in tune with his own ambitious plans. Who bothers for the country as a whole? Things of this type are very common when there is a weak government at the Centre. It is surprising that UPA is still claiming necessary majority strength as per reiteration made by P. Chidambaram, a senior cabinet Minister. He is playing the role of a sankat mochan, which used to be done earlier by Pranab Mukherji, now the President of India. In the scenario that is obtaining currently, the days of a government which could tangibly deliver the goods to the people of the country are only too far. All are having their eyes glued to the power, and not on the exploration of the avenues in the interest of the people in general.


garv said...

It is really a gimmic, Sir, blackmailing the govt

garv said...

It looks like a blackmail, Sir.

myso said...

Looks like a blackmail, Sir.