Tuesday, 5 March 2013

What happened to open arms welcome to Indians?

Only recently the Prime Minister of UK, David Cameron, was in India when he quite cordially stated that his country is to welcome Indians with open arms, and this gesture amply indicated that the visa rules for visit to UK are to be liberally relaxed. What happened in practical terms tells a different story. Instead of liberalising visa permits, they appear to be more tightened showing a downward trend in issuance of necessary permits. This has resulted into a decline by 20% in respect of the doctors, students and others seeking visa permits enabling them to visit UK. What made the UK Prime Minister to go back on his assurance given to Indians during his visit to the country is a matter of surprise only. Looks like he is in the habit of blowing hot and cold in the same breath, While in India, he visited Jallianwala Bagh in Amritsar and placed wreaths on the site of massacre. It was certainly a good gesture, and he was duly hailed on that count. Immediately thereafter, he showed a very stiff posture on the question of returning the diamond Kohinoor to India. Might be the similar position in the opposite direction he adopted in the matter of visa permits. Politicians any where in the world are the same playing safe as it suits them with the varying situations.

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