Saturday, 23 March 2013

What a gimmic is this?

People in India know what the law and order situation is obtaining in the country, and this includes traffic conditions too. While on road, any one can take any type of side ways, left, right or straight with any number of passengers in the vehicle. In Kanpur (U.P.,India), things are worst. Auto rickshaw drivers dictate terms and what they want, it prevails. They care three hoots for the traffic police. Traffic police is just helpless and they have no option but to ignore howsoever serious traffic crimes are committed except that they accept bribe in the broad day light. They are a corrupt lot as are their counterparts every where in the government. With a view to strictly implementing helmet disciple with a curb on three passengers on a bike or scooter, the local administration is issuing instructions to the local petrol dealers that those violating the rules as such be not supplied the fuel. What a funny proposition? Traffic rules are for the roads and not for the petrol stations. This means in simple terms that every thing can be managed well at the petrol pump and outside on the road the bikers and the scooterists, including also other categories of the vehicles, they are free to throw traffic rules to wind in any manner they like.

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