Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Who deserves more of a recognitiion -an actor or an astronaut?

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Human society on earth is big enough to accommodate all shades of people -the people who work, the people who entertain, the people who produce cereals to form food for all beings. Importance wise all carry some weight or the other. Then there are people who create history, there are people who invent things of an enormous magnitude research wise. Way back long in the past, navigators used to move from place to place to find out which could be the other locations where people lived or which could be the countries other than those to which they belonged. Space age came and the astronauts took over to trace life on other planets. After Kalpana Chawala, Sunit Williams along with her other companions created history for remaining in space astoundingly for a longest ever time. When she returned, people all over the world had to hold their breath watching suspenseful moments minutes before she was to enter the earth zone -a space zone where temperature is thousands of time more than what melts the steal. Curiousity and anxiety throughout the world on the part of the people knew no limit. One can well imagine how suspenseful and tortuously anxiety laden were those moments for the members of her family.She alongwith all the members of the crew could cross that sort of hot zone and landed safely. History may have to record the event as the happiest one and unique as it set the ball rolling for humans to some day go far in space for their pleasure trips.
I as one saw the entire event in a different perspective. How come the level of receptivity and the amount of festivity on Sunit's arrival on earth failed to match the one that is extended to actors, the entertainers. Media guys run after tracing the pastures of money and whereever they find it in abundance they land and gain the harvest. Take for instance Aishwarya's marriage with Abhishek Bachhan when no activity was visible on TV, newspapers and other media modes other than this marriage.There is talk of Rani Mukherji getting married now and media again wastes maximum possible time on it.Shilpa Shetty was kissed, embraced and what not by Richard Gere on the pretext that it was an anti AIDS campaign -most obscene a show in full public view.Both didn't feel the least ashamed, they instead enjoyed it on two counts -one that they could satisfy their lusty ways promiscuously embracing each other and the other, for which the movie stars always hanker, that they could get enomous publicity.Again take Salman Kahan who is likely to get married to Katherina and the people, more so the media, are receiving the news with so sumptuous a gaeity as if the two partners are obliging the country for tying a nuptial knot together. The wave of the peoples choice and fancy has the tendency of going a slopy way but those who claim to be intellectuals or the media fellows who claim to be the tongue of the society should pay their pointed concentration on the entertainers as against the ones struggling in space for the good of the mankind is not only a matter of surprise but of a great dismay.
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