Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Increase in Central Government employees D.A.

Central Government is likely soon to enhance dearness allowance of their 30 lakh employees from existing 100% to 107%. The increase will benefit also 50 lakh retired employees besides those who are already in active service. The Government of Uttar Pradesh too is all in a preparedness to fall in line extending the benefit to their 17 lakh employees at par with those in central government. Good enough but why they are not for extending the same parity to the employees in different other sectors in the country mainly including those employed in the Banking Industry and also their retirees who are struggling for a long time to secure the needful enhancement in the dearness allowance payable to them. Such a disparity is not a new thing as both the Central Government and State Government have all along been nurturing a notion that their responsibility is confined to their own employees and they bother the least for others in the country. This is actually the time for the serving employees and the pensioners in different other sectors in India to launch a massive movement to secure their legitimate rights based on the universal principle of parity.

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