Thursday, 18 September 2014

High speed double decker train–how safe?

Travelling in a double decker train is thrilling with a mix of adventure and the people do relish it. Now that there is a proposal to enhance the speed of the double decker train between Mumbai and Ahmedabad to 130 km an hour, the question that obviously arises is that of safety. Though railway authorities claim having taken ample measures to ensure safety but that can’t be taken just on its face value for the reason that such  measures are not new ones and despite that the accidents in railways have been a routine mishap. A double decker train being too big in height is much more prone to several kinds of mishaps. The bullet train, Prime Minister Modi’s dream project, is likely to run on Indian rail tracks shortly and the question of safety is linked to that also because of the speed factor. Nice that such projects are in the offing from the view point of passengers convenience and developmental activities in the country but the first and foremost necessity is to be doubly sure on safety and security before they are launched in physical terms.

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