Saturday, 20 September 2014

Make in India–most radical a slogan:

Innovative and radical, ‘Make in India’ is a revolutionary slogan given by Prime Minister Narendra Modi which inspires a great deal of self sufficiency on the part of Indian manufacturers and producers and also the exporters. Once developmental activities are set in a proper gear, this should be well nigh possible for the country to be self dependent. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is virtually acting as a brand ambassador on that count –the dresses he wears have already assumed much greater a popularity abroad in countries like USA and UK. Potentially India is rich enough on production front and if exploited earnestly this is sure to elicit bigger results. This is in fact the time for Indian producers including those in the agricultural areas to harness themselves to the task in a proper spirit in which direction the ball is already set rolling by the Prime Minister himself. Let ‘Made in India’ be a popular stamp on a global measure.

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