Sunday, 14 September 2014

Floods in Kashmir -mercenaries on a rampage and vandalism:

Kashmir is crying in pain as a result of havoc caused by monstrous floods with hundreds of people dying followed by enormous devastations. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made an appeal for donations to facilitate further rescue operations and rehabilitations which every one owes a moral responsibility to respond sumptuously. Prime Minister Modi is all out to help the affected ones doing historically his best and this is for we , the people of the country, to help him at our maximum level. What is most unfortunate is the role of certain vested interests who are trying their maximum to torpedo Modi’s rescue measures. They are pelting stones on army men, helicopters, aircrafts involved in rescue operations to see that the help being extended to the victims in Kashmir valley be curbed some way or the other. They are the demons deserving a massive crush only.


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