Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Merit based appointments:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has issued directions to all of his ministers to strictly go by merit while making any recruitment in different departments of  their ministries. The announcement is to be hailed in the sense that merit should never be a factor to be compromised either as a matter of pick and choose or even reservation in jobs. A reference of the following blog post by way of a link needs to be made here:


Merit is the crux point when there is a nation building in the process coupled with developmental activities all around and if the tools like pick and choose and quota reservation are allowed to get manipulated it enormously hampers the progress of any country –be it India or some other country elsewhere in the world. The move initiated by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi is sure to attract more talented people with adequate merit capable of handling the tasks which are in the overall interest of the country.

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