Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Share market in a snail’s mode:

It has been a typical behaviour of the Indian share market that moved up and down in most unpredictable a manner during the last week followed by an upward trend when the market opened yesterday. Overall it was a snail’s speed with which it worked. After Prime Minister Modi’s triumphant visit to America with his remarkable speech at the United Nations followed by his magical address at Madison Squire, New York, there were all expectations that the Indian share market would move higher with a plus factor but the traders got disappointed when the market closed on Monday with both Sensex and Nifty in a negative manner. Bulls did look slightly dashing at a certain point but it was just momentary as bears finally overpowered them assisted by snails. Experts still say that the market may soar in days to come after Modi returns to India but that is again nothing more than a mere guess and what tangibly occurs is to be seen and experienced only.

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