Thursday, 2 October 2014

As if free sex is inevitably a dire need?

Call it a progressive society or people obsessed with the desire for sex, the world is changing fast to accommodate the interested couples in most liberal a way. A law is passed in California permitting sex in the campus and this has been done by Governor Jerry Brown to heed to the demand raised by University of California Students Association (USCA) besides certain other organisations. The law permits free sex between the consenting partners in the campus itself if theirs is a conscious decision with affirmative consent and that mentally they are a normal couple. A spokeswoman of California University spoke out her mind on ‘affirmative consent’ like this:
  • The affirmative consent definition is one of many factors that is assessed when sexual violence is investigated and adjudicated on our campuses. But it is an extremely important one.
Isn’t it that such laws, if practiced by other countries, provide an alternative to otherwise a ghastly act like perpetrating a rape liberalising the same in public places? Back to the age of Adam and Eve, they could have felt more satisfied to know that there is no more any thing like a 'forbidden fruit' and that can now be relished well even quite publicly.

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