Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Prime Minister Modi only imitating Congress?

Whatever Prime Minister Narendra Modi claims boastfully as his achievements are only the offshoots of the earlier government of UPA, says Sonia Gandhi, the Congress high command. Looks like a joke when people draw a comparison between what was done by the UPA and what is being done by NDA. You ask a common man and he spontaneously talks about fuel prices that as against every now and then increase in fuel prices in the name of oil crisis earlier, now they are successively reduced for the first time in India after Modi became the Prime Minister of the country. She also ruthlessly blames Modi for creating a havoc for the people of the country saying:
  • “What he (Modi) gained in the US is not yet known. But the poor people of India are paying a heavy price as he has granted a huge price hike for essential drugs to directly benefit the US drug manufacturers”.
In fact what Sonia Gandhi says is not comprehensible to Indian consumer, he rather has seen and experienced only reduction in drug prices twice in the recent past as declared by the present government. What is actually most ridiculous is that politics in India is more practiced in a free styled manner than in a manner that is logic and reasoning based. Let there be a debate with reasons and the overall scenario would emerge to surface with a clear picture of pluses after Modi joined the power and the minuses that obtained during the time of the earlier government. It would been actually a major crisis for the country if there was really any imitation of what used to be done by the earlier government.
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