Sunday, 12 October 2014

Share market –a dodgingly deceptive trend:

Not necessary that if index goes higher it benefits every trader as it is the outcome of only certain selected shares going up with others either remaining stranded or losing margins in the lower directions. Two days before closure of the last week Sensex and Nifty both showed higher trends but the week ending with last Friday it closed at Sensex -339.90 and Nifty -100.60 with a heavy setback to majority of shares. The overall index moved more downward than upward with a touch of volatility giving no chance to even those who deal only in index. Political scenario in the country viewed with a closer look with the governmental mechanism concertedly concentrating on developmental activities, what is expected of the Indian share market is stable growth in its dealings which is blatantly lacking. Which miracle the share market is looking for to boost up its activities is a big question mark.

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