Saturday, 4 October 2014

Wild animals turning man eaters–Why?

Neglecting environment friendly climate is causing a big threat to humans mostly those residing in villages nearby forests. Massive felling of trees in forests is resulting into dwindling of animal habitats and the wild animals hankering for their food are left with no alternative but to target the villagers mainly those who are shepherds grazing their cattle in pastures nearby forest land. The wild animals can’t prey on animals who inhabit in forests who are no more there or are scarce after trees are cut in a massive measure leaving the land as barrenly plain. Obviously the wild animals are targetting the human population in the vicinity. There are reports every now and then that a certain number of boys,girls,kids,even men and  women are mauled by some tiger or attacked by wolves in search of their food. This is a great menace to human population and most urgently felt need is to pay due attention to creating an environment friendly climate to overcome the disaster that is there in the offing.

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