Monday, 6 October 2014

Why so much of a hurry?

Hurry for every thing, none has time ‘to stay and stare’, all are in a race competing with one another wearing uneasiness on their face and none is found ever at ease. What a changed world is this? Peace is lacking on all fronts –be it a matter of domestic precincts or an atmosphere in some office or the other. Developments are a boon to the social fabric of the system but as every thing has its side effects in an adverse order, developments too have it in plenty. You switch on your TV to glance over important news but the hyper speed with which they are telecast makes it too cumbersome a process as before you catch a headline it disappears replaced by another in a sequence which too passes on before you are able to make some head or tail about it. Where are gone the days when people used to see a news channel at ease with comfiture grasping the contents wholesome. Developing economy has the characteristic of providing ultra modern facilities but at a cost, the peace of mind.
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