Thursday, 16 October 2014

Internet technology turns 45 years:

The sensation of the world as it is, Internet technology is now 45 years old, say around 16480 days. Imagine the days when there was no computer technology available and compare it with the scenario it has brought in work culture as a great revolution nothing short of a full scale magic. This also completes 25 years when the World Wide Web (www) was born to the amazement of every one in this world. Now that it is in a full fledged operation touching the pinnacles of modus operandi on work culture, the present day generation has every reason to have a feel of stupefied amazement when they are told as to what the world was without internet technology. In fact the wonders it has created in every field of developmental activities in the world as a whole gives it a fit case to commemorate its inception as a compulsory annual festival all over the world.

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