Wednesday, 23 May 2012

They too have a family

They are stray dogs with no home of theirs to live roaming here and there in the streets but they too have a family of their own –a male, a female and the kids to be looked after. They have a society of their own too and the  moment some one applies his stick on a dog the fellow ones immediately collect in a group violently howling at the attacker chasing him to the point of running away from the scene. Their unity on this count is just superb. Character wise they are much faithful compared to humans and if you offer them a loaf of bread or some other food in any form you earn their unquestioned loyalty never to betray you, they remain even prepared to protect you if some one attacks you or causes you an injury and this they do unmindful of even cost to their life. They are good parents and both the male and female unfailingly take care of their kids till such time they grow enough to take care of themselves. You love them the least and in turn they love you the most.
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