Monday, 23 December 2013

Bluehost– business tycoons or feudal lords?

They are a well settled business organisation obviously flourishing by leaps and bounds at the cost of their customers. They are Bluehost, a web hosting business entity. As an enthusiast to add some commercial features of interest to my the other one existing site via by way of some kind of a transfer through Bluehost, I got myself registered with them in the beginning of this year. Initially theirs was a remark that the URL so quoted by me didn’t exist. Later I found that they had charged my credit card for $252 being the amount for 12 months for BluehostPro whereas I had registered my self for a normal one being comparatively low priced. This they did unilaterally at their own without obtaining my specific consent for the purpose. I had hardly any option but to reconcile wanting that my new registration at least should work. It didn’t. My emails so addressed to them highlighting the problem either didn’t get any reply at all, or if there was any, it was just irrelevant. What happened instead was that there was a mall ware developed on my site and they asked me to pay them some extra money to get the virus removed, which of course I refused point blank with the result that every thing stands still and the virus in question is spreading further. The fear on this count has forced me not to open my account on the site of the Bluehost at all. I don’t know what is there further in store to cause me problems simply because I ventured to opt them as the host. There is no message from them for the last more than 3 weeks despite my incessant reminders to them. As I could see it the last time, their meter on my account regularly continues earmarking the period based charge. As a matter of an etiquette, I have no mind to proceed against them through the appropriate channels, but they are possibly compelling me to get dragged to that situation.

As I am a social worker, the purpose of this post is to apply necessary caution and an ample measure of an alert before any body, mainly including the bloggers, venture to seek some paid service or the other from the Bluehost.

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