Friday, 20 December 2013

Isn’t it that simplicity is a costly affair?

‘Simple living and high thinking’ is a great slogan. It sounds so noble and inspiring too in the meantime but the question is whether it practically pays any thing. The answer is obviously a big ‘NO’ unless the concerned practitioner is otherwise a great celebrity. Mahatma Gandhi could afford the luxury of simplicity and so could Nelson Mandela or one can remember Abraham Lincoln for the purpose. The man in the picture is the son of an MLA and is left with no option but to work as a cobbler for a living as his father was too simple and honest an MLA never resorting to any sort of unfair means to make the family rich enough to lead a life of comfort and luxury like all the politicians in India are doing today growing richer overnight. His father Sardaru Ram was an MLA in Himachal Pradesh (India) during mid 1950s. He was a cobbler and died as such even after remaining an MLA for quite a time. He lived in a thatched house and had two brothers and two sons in the family and all of them have no source of any income to support the family except working as cobblers. The current generation of the politicians are the last ones to lead a simple life following the example of simplicity so set by men like Sardaru Ram, they are rather the ones who only believe in a life full of extraordinary comfort and luxury.
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