Thursday, 26 December 2013

What’s it that really impacts the share market?

That’s a big question as there is hardly any body or any forum to have the fool proof calculation on the mood of the share market. Something that holds good at the moment may just disappear and assume negative proportions. Inflation, developmental growth, soaring prices, change in incumbencies of top most importance at the top level in the country and even the weather are the known notable ingredients to determine the move of the market but there again the calculations flop in many of the instances. Share market pundits called Experts predict the move of the market in a free styled manner without being definite on what they themselves say. When Raghuram Rajan took over as the Governor of Reserve Bank of India, it was branded as a wave when he could manage to normalise Rupee/Dollar ratio initially but it was all short lived and it hardly took any time for the disbalance to resume with fluctuations. Modi wave was also branded as a factor to enhance the market speed but this again proved to be a momentary factor. There are calculations that if some stable government like presumably that of Narendra Modi’s comes to power in 2014 elections, the market performance would improve much but that is again a factor which just can’t be taken for sure. The fact remains that the share market in itself is a phenomenon with its own entity and just functions by taking chances without depending on any sort of extraneous factors.

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