Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Imbalances in work output:

Clamour for equality is there in a bumper measure on all counts every where in the world but it is a sort of an utopia which hardly works in a practical manner. The factor of equalising is more a managerial factor than the one directly related to workforce. Workforce does need equal treatment as from the relative management but there is another factor involved where it is for the employees to realise that they are equally the partners and there it is they themselves to play the requisite role in retaining the equality aspect to a reasonable level. There was a news as from media the other day that a fourth class employee turned up to his job four years after he had joined it in a school in some rural area and when questioned his reply was that he was no exception as it was a common practice there even including the teachers for a long time. Normally this is a routine scenario particularly in the rural areas. This gives workforce a bad name and ethically it is their responsibility to abstain from such a practice. Moreover, they have also to bear in mind that several of their counterparts elsewhere are the victims of working for unlimited hours in various departments particularly those relating to banking and they are denied all Sundays and holidays without any extra compensation in lieu thereof. Those who are shirking from work are only acting detrimental to the interest of those who are forced to work without any limit on their work schedule.

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