Sunday, 29 December 2013

If Facebook and Twitter go offline:

It looks so nice and sounds to be sumptuously consumer friendly if the social tools like Facebook and Twitter are available to their users offline without getting constrained to make any payments therefor as charges for internet usage, in other words free access to both facebook and twitter. Vow! It is already there. As per latest news, it may no more be the question of any ‘if’, it is rather quite in the offing very likely to happen in tangible terms shortly after the u2opia company of Gurgaon (Haryana, India), which has its net work spread over in around 30 countries of the world, is able to launch it in India too enabling the users to do necessary surfing on both the social tools even through their mobile phones without at all depending on internet for the purpose. The technique adopted for this task is known as ussd. The very relative platform is given the name fonetwish. The internet users in India are around 200 millions only as against mobile users who numerically stand at 900 million and obviously it is so good a news for them in the New Year due just a few days after.

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