Saturday, 18 February 2012

Limitless expectations:

Let sky be the limit for expectations is the advice of many and so is the scenario obtaining these days in the society as a whole. There are herds of people awe fully inquisitive to get richer over night enabling them to lead a luxurious life come what may. Careers are one thing one has to aspire for but that is and has to be a graduated sequence of events and dreaming alone can not do for the purpose. The media, TV channels and news paper mainly, are playing a drummer’s role all the time publicising and propagating particularly directing a  message to the younger generation that one must continue dreaming big to achieve some goal or the other. True, dreaming big is alright but it has to be supported with necessary zeal and fervour in a methodical order. Howsoever strong be a goal it has to be earned and can’t be acquired as a loot. An unbridled dreaming results into frustration. Study shows that many of the youngsters in various terrorist groups are well educated. They are the people who dreamt big for a well to do life and as they could not fulfil their desires with right directions they had to resort to nefarious means to hurriedly procure comfortable zones of life. It is a steadily followed persistent effort and not a loose sort of mere dreaming that elicits graceful results in the matters of a career.

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