Saturday, 25 February 2012

Trace a child in you calling

'Child is the father of man', said Wordsworth and a child in every one is alive the whole life of a person howsoever old he/ she grows. Facultatively it is always prudent to get reminded that the child in me is capable of directing my mind in different positive ways. Even genetically it counts and biologically too. Many in old age suffer from the notion that regeneration in the body system stops at the level of advancing age. It is not that correct. May be the regeneration level is not that very effective at a later stage of life but that it stops completely is not true. It holds good in physical terms, more so mentally. Necessary will coupled with perseverance makes it possible that we are able to secure reproductive element considerably rejuvenating our total body system. Rejuvenation is most powerful a Vedic principle since ages and it holds good equally in modern age. Psychologically, if I am engrossed with a problem causing mounting pressure and tension, I am to think of a child in me asking for a solution and the chances are for a positive reply -my mind will be directed to take up the task in a manner a child in me could have taken it up during the early phase of my life, free of malice, prejudice and chaste fully innocently. In most of the cases people are unable to overcome a tension for the reason that their faculties get deeply preoccupied with prejudices on an issue and this blocks the process of sorting out a situation dispassionately. A child is more capable of looking at things in a natural manner without any fixed mind and there lies the key to circumvent a situation.

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