Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Entity of God(s)

Is there any God? It’s a question as old as the mankind itself answers to which have been there in thousands of ways by the people in different ages none of which can of course claim finality in the matter till date. Time passes and so do the definitions changing every now and then. There is Ishwar for Hindus, God for Christians, Allah for Muslims and so on with a separate God for each religion. Is it not that the very phenomenon of God was created by humans themselves and if so be the case it appears that there is nothing like an independent entity of Him. His shape and design has been changing with the passage of time and today’s God in different pictures of his looks more elegant, KRISHNA1appealing and inspiring with technological developments in the field of photography. Popularity of Gods also enhances and feigns with change of time like it does in the case of humans, say politicians and different other celebrities and there is nothing unique or abnormal in their case. Not they themselves but their worshippers decide as to which way their popularity graph tilts to the forward or backward GANESH01_2directions. Some  more than three decades back Ganesh festival in Mumbai used to be celebrated in a very frugal order with certain smaller groups assembling here and there on the roads rejoicing the festivities. Such functions have since assumed enormous proportions with the Lord being displayed in giant size every where causing huge traffic jams and road blockages. Who brought these changes? The Lord himself or the devotees? The reason could be that every state in the country is for their own God and so is Maharashtra. As an exception the Islam is one religion that does not believe in any shape or design being specified for their Allah, the God who is invisible which factor safeguards him from being painted in free styled ways at times to the point of not being tasteful.
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