Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Monkeys are wiser than humans:

Humans were originally monkeys only, it is said. This is, however, a different question that if transformation like this occurred how come all the monkeys were not converted as humans and what kind of the specie are the left overs fully alive as on date and still fostering. Whatever it is but the fact remains that monkeys are in no way lagging behind the humans in the matters of intelligence, nay they are rather more intelligent in certain respects. One of my maternal uncles namely Manoram Dixit, an Ayurvedic practitioner who possessed enormous inquisitiveness for study on animals, plants and herbs happened to be in dense forest adjoining Rishikesh roaming here and there in pursuit of his research work. He came across a herd of monkeys gleefully hopping and playing amongst themselves. All of sudden a child monkey from amongst them fell upon a small plant in the shrubs. Writhing with unbearable pain it started crying looking like it was to collapse. Seeing this an elder monkey rushed to another plant just by the side of the one the touch of which was the cause of the whole problem for the child monkey. Snatching a cluster of leaves from the plant he forcefully rubbed them on the body of the child monkey and the process so applied gave it an instant relief. It was so surprising. In reply to the queries raised by my uncle the locals told him that the plant in question always develops as a twin by nature like one is positive or plus and the other one is negative or minus and the monkeys are aware of it as to which leaves of which plant are to be applied to undo the trouble so caused by one of the twins. There is nothing like any laboratory available to the monkeys for investigations but their own sense and instinct bestowed upon them by nature are enough to guide them as to what has to be done where to combat a trouble.

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