Monday, 6 February 2012

Politics knows no blood relations even

Assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh (India) are on and tempo on that count is running very high. All political parties mainly including Congress, Bahujan Samaj Party and Samajwadi Party are mustering their full strength Mayawati[1]to ensure their victory. Who actually wins finally is a matter none can predict. Every thing lies in the hands of the voters who are being wooed by the political leaders by leaving no stone unturned for the purpose. Every one preaches for a caste less society but the fact remains that elections are fought based only on caste prejudice. Equally there are sermons that religion should not be the criterion to mobilise the electorate but there again it is the religion only that is exploited most during elections or even otherwise also. Contestants include even duos like father and son and brother and brother fighting against each other without the least consideration for same blood. Politics in fact has nothing like any definite ethics except a sheer opportunism.

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