Saturday, 11 February 2012

Why should they be provided special security?

Look at them and you find they are all the time provided a battalion of security force. Security for what? Do they really deserve it or it is just a burden on public exchequer? In most of the cases it is only an unnecessary wastage of public money. Besides ministers an ordinary MLA/MLC or an MP is given security and in several cases even their family members get it. Study shows that not all of them genuinely need it. In many cases they manufacture false stories of danger to their public life to secure a cover. This cover is mostly used by them as status symbol and terrorise their opponents which is totally a personal area and has hardly to do any thing with public interest. Since it suits them all there is never a word of dissent against the arrangement by any political party in the country who otherwise are well known for all the time fighting amongst themselves for some reason or the other or no reason at all. This again is a sort of corruption warranting a peremptory curb in the public interest.

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