Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Soaring prices–who is concerned?

No measuring rod to soaring prices, it is limit less in fact. You name any thing from essential commodities to every thing in the market the level is sky high. No check, no curb, no control of any kind is there in sight and consumers are unable to locate any spot to act as a sigh of relief for them any where. Initially there is some price increase on some point some where and it instantly compounds in respect of several other areas. In certain cases this corresponding increase has nothing like any direct link or relationship. There is rise in the cost of petrol/diesel and doctors increase their consultation charges and instances like that are similarly there in several other areas. What is the point? But what sounds as most peculiar a phenomenon is that people by and large don’t feel that much concerned beyond indulging into a competitive tug of war as to who can raise the cost of his commodity in a bigger measure when his turn comes with of course some exceptions like that of salary earners who can not raise their emoluments at their own. Election tempo in many states is currently running high and all problems from corruption to unemployment are being raised by the voters. They do talk of soaring prices too but it is just in a secondary order as if the people have conveniently reconciled to price rise as a routine order of the day which factor only indicates that the menace now stands fully stabilised in the market with hardly any chance of any remedial measures.

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