Thursday, 9 February 2012

There are things beyond sex too:

There is love,  there is romance and there is lust and these are the phenomenon which encircle the mankind forming a grotesque most cycle of events running uninterrupted since ages knowing no end. But life does not end with this alone as there are things more compelling than all this confronting human life. In the words of a great poet it goes like this:

Rahten aur bhi hain wasl ki rahat ke siwa

aur bhi gham hain zamane mein mohabbat ke siwa”

This is in Urdu and when translated in English it means that love alone as a matter of relief and solace is not every thing in life. Compare hunger for instance. There are innumerable instances where people had toMarilyn Monro[1] compromise their sex for some food. Even Merilyn Monro had to do so in her early days of poverty when she was most commoner a woman before she rose to fame and became a top most movie star in the world. Situational compulsion like that of hunger is the one that forces a person to ignore even her/ his dignity for the sake of it. Sex could at times be a matter of lust but not the hunger where one has no limits of surrender when it goes unbearable and is far beyond any patience.

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