Thursday, 17 January 2008

A revolution called 'Nano'

Looking too small apparently, the tiny 'Nano' is practically big enough to meet the need of the people who otherwise can't afford going for big cars. Utility and use wise, this is the vehicle sumptuously capable of passing through even lanes and streets and there lies the advantage of this car coupled with the feature that it is quite consumption friendly from fuel point of view with 20+ mileage per ltr. Cost wise it is much worth its value as an amount of 1 lakh of rupees in today's market is not considered to be a big sum. With 8% less in space outwardsly when compared to Maruti 800, it is 21% more than that in the interior giving sufficient leg space to the passengers. It is a moving story that inspired Ratan Tata to go for production of a small car. While travelling he saw a woman taking shelter under a tree alongwith her husband and two children as they couuldn't physically afford travelling further because it was raining. They must have been some junior middle class family who were not in a position to manage any vehicle beyond a scooter. Tata instantly madeup his mind to produce some small vehicle which can easily be affordable by the people unable to apply their option for big cars. Such an inspiration drawn by him speaks volumes about a normal human being in him who gets worried on seeing others in difficulty. Bringing out such a car for which Indian engineers with Tata worked day and night is certainly not a commercial venture to earn profits, it is infact a great service to the people of the country. All praise to Ratan Tata the great.

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