Thursday, 31 January 2008

Glorifying the goons ?

Discarded and disdained, the goons in the society were treated with contempt in the past howsoever big they were as Dons. Now that situation in all fronts including cultural level has undergone a tremendous change, the dons too have acquired a status and they are no more looked upon with a contemptuous gaze. Only the other day, I was watching a TV channel where the news reader was putting up the life sketch of a don in quite a magnified way as if he was a great celebrity. It was Dawood Ibrahim being offerred all praise with emphasis as to how he grew to his present status starting from a grassroot level in Mumbai. His personality, his living style, his rapport with all kinds of people and above all the way he dressed himself to look great using an apparel each time costing around 50 lacs of Indian rupees on an overage and that a dress he used once was never to be used again. Costly jewels and the watch he wore was focussed so much. Does a killer, a top ranking terrorist of the world, a kidnapper of worst order and black marketeer deserve such a praise and highlight is the question. He is a role model for the low level goons operating in streets who have their own style of imitating the monster and that helps them in grabbing money from middle level businessmen and ordinary people. Any place, any street, any location, one can find them in plenty every where making the life of common people so miserable. Who is to stop them? Possibly none is there. Media is the channel supposed to highlight the criminal activities so going on every where but they too have not failed miserably on that count, they are contributing a lot instead in glorifying such elements. Many in administration are closely associated with these anti social elements with the result that they always go scotch free in the even they are caught, caught many a times just as a ritual, as so long they are there in police custody they are given a VIP treatment during the time they are taken into custody or even jailed temporarily. This is so unfortunate not only for this country but for the world as a whole. Possibly we are heading towards a level in society where only rascalism and terrorism has to prevail.
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