Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Who deserves it ?

No dearth of contenders for the most covetous position of Bharat Ratna in country like India where for everything on earth there is a clash amongs politicians - be it a trifling matter or the one that is big enough to secure a status. Even names unheard in the past or hardly heard ever are proposed for this prestigious award, the highest one in the country. Great stalwarts or the personalities who sacrificed a lot for the country and whose contribution is something that makes history are the ones who really deserve as against those who did nothing except serving their own interest. What Charles Lamb once said as 'Politics is the last refuge of the scoundrels' quite sounds to be true very often when things are measured based on their behavioural pattern. Atal Bihari Bajpai, the ex Prime Minister of India, proposed by another veteran giant sized politician could be one proposition to be understood based on his sacrifice and contribution. Then different names started pouring in like BSP proposing late Kanshiram, comrades in West Bengal suggesting Jyoti Basu, Shiv Sena in Maharashtra talking of Bal Thakerey and different other groups suggesting various other heavy weights in some field or the other. Possibly there was never such a big list submitted for consideration in the past. Democratically there can be any name(s) proposed for any position but Bharat Ratna is not the matter pertaining to some mohalla or locality -it is something that concerns the whole country. After all dignity, status, stature and above all being above board are the essential ingredients to make a Bharat Ratna and this can't be taken lightly by those who count for the purpose.

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