Thursday, 17 January 2008

Power packed Reliance Power

Commercial ventures in the country are just a routine for top men in the business who every now and then go for some big project or the other. For Ambanis, such adventures are very much a day today matter but it certainly thrills the people when they find that some particular branch of activity in business is directed to an overall welfare of the society. Ambanis are known well for this more or less like Tatas who always kept the interest of people in general in their mind while working out their projects. Commercial object does act as a basic factor in any business but it counts much when it is coupled with people's welfare. The idea behind utilising the funds generated through Reliance Power shares is to place India if not exactly at par with China, atleast some thing near to it providing required electricity in bigger number of places besides several other projects. Profits OK as no business can run without necessary leverage on profits but service to mankind means some thing much more. Reliance Power shares are in high demand even before the required listing takes off which abundantly speaks of Anil Ambani's roaring popularity not because he is a Mughal in business but more because he has the reputation of being considerate enough not only for his people but people as a whole in the country.Success to Ambanis.
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